B & E Construction
B&E Custom Building and Design, located in the heart of Ennis, Montana, is co-owned by Brad Bullock and Ken Evans, both life long residents of the area. Amongst the two of us we have over 40 years of experience in this industry. We Pride ourselves in the work that we have done in this valley. Our company offers all aspects of any construction project you may be pursuing, such as small to large residential homes, either in custom hand crafted log, conventional frame, or antiqued homes. We also provide commercial building as well. We are licensed and insured by the state of Montana. We will guarantee your project from start to finish. We will work with you to set up a realistic budget and a schedule of construction. Your project is supervised at all times by a qualified project manager. Once B&E starts your project, we will be there full time until your project is complete. No fishing or hunting in between! We can build from your architectural plans or B&E will help you create that one of a kind dream home with their In house design service. Brad has over 20 years in designing that will truly make your home one of a kind. We will also work with you to create the interior and exterior look that will relate to your desires and needs and the environment surrounding you.
     We are committed to the community and lifestyles of the Madison Valley. Building or designing a home or any other construction project is a very important decision but with the knowledge and experience that B&E Custom Building and Design offers, we can ensure your project a success. Please give us a call.
B&E Construction
Custom Building and Design
PO Box 1444
220 E Main St Unit 2C 1A Lone Elk Suites
Ennis, MT 59729
Office: 406.682.7942
Brad Cell: 406.581.4117
Ken Cell: 406.490.2758
Licensed and Insured
Welcome to B&E Construction. At B&E we strive to provide homes that both we and homeowners can be proud of!
Welcome to B&E Construction